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Who We Are

Mary Gorder

Founder/Executive Director


Mary Gorder is a high energy businesswoman and entrepreneur who has been creating and building successful companies for the past 13 years. Mary's first steps in the business world were several startups in the home care field which Mary grew from one office in 2002 to a half dozen offices within five years with locations in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Denver, and Seattle. Mary continues to currently grow this business with several standalone care centers planned for the East Coast.


From a personal perspective, Mary has leveraged the struggles and experiences of growing up under difficult circumstances to inform her values around hard work, growing capital, and educated risk. These same struggles and experiences have made it a lifelong goal for Mary to assist the underprivileged in society and to that end she has created and partnered with multiple non-profit organizations both at home in the United States and internationally.  

Our Board of Directors

Atul Jain


Vichara Technologies

Charles Martin

Finance Director


Peter Taylor

Senior Legal Analyst


  Thelma Da Capo

Our Staff

Kenken Gorder

Program Director

Michelle Hart

Volunteer Coordinator

Tina Chen


Eileen Kane

Community Outreach 


Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:00pm

​Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

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