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Cultural Programs

We believe that arts and culture are an integral part of life and, when embedded in cross-sector revitalization activity, can contribute to positive and enduring economic, physical, social and cultural change in communities. Our goal is to expand creative placemaking activity and to understand its effect on economic, social and cultural change in disinvested communities. We recognize that there is a great deal being learned.

Future Stars

“Future Stars” program is to help the young people of today become the great leaders of tomorrow! The club is open to all middle school and high school aged kids. It gives them the opportunity to become better listeners, thinkers, speakers and leaders.

The Program works off a well-structured program that consists of both communication and leadership projects.  There will be guest speaker appearances. The members develop strong leadership, communications and team-building skills, as well as memories to last a lifetime

Broadway Nights

On Broadway Nights, young people age 6-18 can see a participating Musical show for free when accompanied by a full-paying adult at a participating location. Be on the lookout!

Sketch, Paint and Brush

This is a class for sketching, drawing, mixing colors, new ways to use a brush and learning the basics of composition, you can make cool paintings. Come explore with sketch, paint & brush and have fun being a 2D artists! For new and continuing students, ages 8 -12.

Cooking Adventure

A fun-filled month  of mad-delicious food experiments and learning how to cook your favorite foods! Our experienced chef instructors will guide young cooks on a world tour of favorite foods and recipes. We’ll get hands-on and cover fundamentals such as dairy, protein, carbohydrates and more.


Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:00pm

​Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

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